Name: Nagaharu HAYABUSA
Born: January 19, 1938 in Hokkaido, Japan
Education: Graduated from the University of Tokyo


1961 Joined the Asahi Shimbun
Worked as a reporter, mainly in the economic news section, covering various international economic conferences including the Summit Meetings of the Seven Industrialized Nations.

1982 Editorial Writer

1985 Senior Staff Writer

1998 Retired from the Asahi Shimbun Free-lance journalist (writes for a number of magazines, and also publishes his own monthly newsletter on political and economic issues)

1999 Anchorman of Asahi Newstar Television

2000 Executive Director and Anchorman of Channel J Television


Objection to the Present Tax System in Japan

Affluent State, Poor People

A Tax System is the Backbone of a Democratic Nation

The United States of Europe

Reforming the Ministry of Finance

New Form of a Nation State